Xarelto Lawsuit

Xarelto Lawsuit Status

If you or a loved one has recently taken Xarelto and suffered from serious bleeding or even death, you could be entitled to compensation and justice.  The attorneys at Greensboro Law Center are actively participating as counsel in Xarelto

lawsuit  on behalf of patients in around the country who after using Xarelto experienced extensive  internal bleeding, stroke, or hemorrhage.  The Xarelto lawsuit have been filed around the country against the maker of Xarelto by patients who suffered serious internal bleeding, and who sustained serious permanent injuries.  Many families of people who’s bleeding lead to death simply want to see justice served to those responsible. We believe that the makers of Xarelto, Bayer and Johnson & Johnson, knew of the increase risk of serious bleeding and then failed to properly warn physicians and consumers of these dangers and is therefore legally responsible for the medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages of patients who developed internal bleeding as a result of taking Xarelto.  

“Minimizing the risks associated with Xarelto”
In June of 2013, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) wrote Johnson & Johnson about Xarelto and informed the company that their “Promotional materials are false or misleading” and “misleadingly minimizes the risks associated with Xarelto…”

Holding the Manufacturers Accountable: Make the companies take responsibility for their actions by filing a Xarelto lawsuit!

Side effects of Xarelto may include, but are not limited to:
•    Internal Bleeding
•    Excessive Bleeding from Gums
•    Recurring Nose Bleeds
•    Heavy Menstrual Flow
•    Red, Pink or Brown Urine
•    Embolism
•    Hemorrhaging
•    Swelling Of The Lower Extremities
•    Blood Clots (Thrombosis)
•    Difficulty In Breathing

Contact Your Doctor
Have you have experienced any of these side effects while on Xarelto?  If so, it is vitally important that you contact your doctor immediately and tell them of your symptoms!  Please note: for any matter concerning your health, you should consult a doctor and not a lawyer.

Time May Be Running Out
Many legal matters are subject to “statute of limitations” or a time limit so it is advisable to contact a reputable attorney as soon as possible.  The Xarelto lawsuit is no different.

Don’t wait; you may be entitled to compensation for:
•    Loss Of Wages
•    Medical Expenses (past and future)
•    Pain & Suffering
•    Modifications To Your Home
•    Disability
•    Nursing Care

With such a large number of Xarelto lawsuits filed, the cases have recently been consolidated into a multidistrict Litigation (MDL) in federal court in the Eastern District of Louisiana.  The rational for a MDL is to simply process so many cases can be heard by one experienced judge and in one court.  We can handle your Xarelto lawsuit as it makes its way from your state to that court and back.