What is Custody?

What is Custody? Constance A. Harris In North Carolina there are two types of custody. The first type of custody is legal custody. Legal custody is not defined in the North Carolina General Statues. Legal custody generally refers to the right and responsibility to make decisions with import and long-term implications for a child’s best interest and welfare. Hall v. … Read More

Myth Buster – Five Common Divorce Myths

Divorce Word Cloud

 Myth Buster – Five Common Divorce Myths Constance A. Harris Numerous myths and ill thought-out advice can sabotage a divorce before it even begins. The following are common divorce myths: 1.  Living in the Same Home in Different Bedrooms Means You are Legally Separated The myth if both parties live in different bedrooms in the same home then they are … Read More

Social Media and Your Family Law Case

Social Media and Your Family Law Case What you post and how you use social media can impact your family law case.  People post to their social media accounts so frequently that they forget about what they have posted and are shocked when copies of posts come to light at trial.  Whether you are going through a divorce, disputing over … Read More