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In the courtroom, as in most professions, experience makes all the difference.  Our lawyers have the breadth and depth of experience needed to handle nearly any legal matter.  A courtroom trial is not always a necessity or even an option for everyone, but you can’t risk taking the chance of retaining a lawyer who does not have the experience and proven skills needed to take a case to trial.

Proven Success

The Greensboro Law Center has repeatedly taken cases to trial. The firm's track record speaks for itself.  You need a lawyer that doesn't just have a good TV commercial or marketing slogan.  You need one that actually takes cases to trial.  Our firm gives you just the aggressive representation you need to give you the best chance to protect your rights.  

Passionate Advocates

Our versatile and knowledgeable attorneys have experience litigating in state and federal courts, as well as negotiating a variety of personal and business matters for our clients, no matter how simple or complex.  Our experience has given us indispensable knowledge of how the legal system works throughout the Carolinas, allowing us to provide the best possible representation to people and businesses in the Triad area and beyond. 


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